We did it, you guys — Dirk Nowitzki is throwing out a pitch at the World Series. All because of us, the Internet, who were like, “Ummmm, why don’t you let Dirk Nowitzki throw out the first pitch considering he’s the most famous athlete in all of Texas?”

We. Did. It.

From ESPN:

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki will be throwing out a World Series first pitch after all.

After it emerged earlier Wednesday that the Rangers’ desire to have Nowitzki throw out the first pitch before one of their home games against the St. Louis Cardinalshad been rejected by Major League Baseball, league officials reversed course and announced hours later that Nowitzki would be invited to throw the ceremonial pitch before Saturday’s Game 3.

MLB spokesman Pat Courtney, after earlier in the day confirming that the Rangers’ request to bestow first-pitch honors on Nowitzki had been denied, said commissioner Bud Selig was not involved in the original veto and ordered the reversal.

It feels pretty good to do something nice for someone else. I’m not saying that the Internet is the whole reason that Bud Selig decided to get involved with the pregame pitching choices in the World Series, but I’d be willing to bet that if this thing just slid on by (baseball pun) without anyone noticing, BudDawg wouldn’t have made the executive decision to let Dirk whip a ball over a catcher’s head.

But he did get involved, because of you guys and us guys. Not to pat us all on the back too much, but I think we just made the World Series a whole lot Dirkier. Great job, everyone.