A spy tells us that at one point, a fan approached his table and said, “I sure hope the season starts soon, Mark,” to which Cuban raised a shot glass of whiskey and responded, “I’ll drink to that.”  — Mark Cuban‘s just livin’ de life

(via Eye On Basketball)

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  1. Cuban’s the next Kobe

  2. i hate that stupid fish face that every girl makes, they look fucking retarded

  3. you tellin me the billionaire owner of the dallas mavericks cant buy better hoes then that?
    mark cuban ya playin yaself- and where are you hanging out? is that a golden griddle dancefloor?
    if awkwardly posing with a cheap escort is livin the life… something is wrong with my standards

  4. It’s entirely possible that Cuban bought a title in the very last year that it is possible to do so. I’m actually happy for him since he sank so much money into the team for so many years.

    Let’s just hope that whenever a new agreement is reached, there is a hardcap and they fix the Bird and midlevel exception rules.

  5. @illmatic


  6. lolol i knew it wasn’t fish face… it’s still retarded nonetheless

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