Rajon Rondo’s over-the-head alley-oop has become the stuff of legend. A pass so great that it was posted on every basketball blog in existence, which is how you know something has really made it. As they say: If it’s on a blog, it’s a vital cog. It’s not a good saying, but it is fitting.

Now, he’s ready to talk about this amazing feat. To really examine the nitty-gritty details behind the creation of such a monumental acheivement. Here he is talking about the ‘oop with GQ magazine:

GQ: Tell me about how the play developed. Have you been surprised by how much attention it’s gotten?
Rajon Rondo: I didn’t know it would get this much attention. I was just playing. I didn’t even know [Faried] could jump like that.  But the first couple games he was doing a couple of windmills. That game in particular, he didn’t want to jump in the first half. He told me throw it up, throw that lob. I was trying something that time. I had a feel for it. He put it up and I threw it.

GQ: Was it improv? I feel like I can see it in your eyes that that’s what you wanted to do, seconds before you threw it.
Rajon Rondo: Improv. I had no idea. It could have been a turnover.

Oh. Well. Kind of anti-climactic. Not sure why I was expecting something exciting like they had a telepathic connection, some sort of signal or that they had practiced this before, but that is clearly not the case. He just threw it up there improve-style, duh. Could have been a turnover, in case you were wondering.

But you have to wonder, will we ever see this pass in an NBA game? It worked so well the first time, so might as well figure out a way to utilize it when the game really counts.

GQ: Do you think plays like that make everyone a little sick as they wait for the NBA to return?
Rajon Rondo: People miss it. People want to see the action. I know the fan’s perspective. But you won’t see that play in an NBA game.

Farts. Hope you enjoyed it the first time because you’ll never see it again.

RIP Over-the-head alley-oop (2011-2011)