The best part about Blake Griffin’s new Kia Optima commercial is not the ramp, hot potato phonograph gag, or the laugh-out-loud dunk animation. It’s the two-second shot (around the 0:25 mark) when Blake, still in rollerskates, showcases the mid-priced car like one of Bob Barker’s Beauties. In fact, someone make a .GIF of that, STAT!

via BDL

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  1. Now if only Blake did that during the Slam Dunk contest.

  2. my new favorite basketball player… Blake griffin has filled my void… Sorry Durant, Blakes the man.

  3. Subtitle: “How Blake Cut His Foot”

  4. This is awesome ! We have it all, the goofyness, the over the top dunk, this is gold :-D

  5. Reminds me of an MJ commercial, where he dunked on a very high hoop and he was left hanging there… haha I thought Blake would stay up there hanging :D :D

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