Once upon a time, many moons ago during the 2011 NBA playoffs, Kevin Durant became very famous for his backpack. People couldn’t stop speculating on what was in the backpack, opining about its provenance or just saying how it made him look like an eighth grader. The summer of Kevin Durant’s backpack will go down as one of the most exciting times in the annals of NBA accessories history.

Deron Williams is experiencing the same kind of thing in Turkey, only people hate him for his fancy backpack. From a blog he wrote for ESPN:

Rivalries are big over here. If you know anything about European soccer, you know that fans take their rivalries very seriously. It’s the same in basketball. I had no clue, and my backpack almost got me in trouble. I have this backpack that I made on Nike ID a while back and it’s black, red and yellow. Black and red are my favorite colors, and yellow is in there for the black and gold to represent the Steelers. But apparently black, red and yellow are the colors of one of our biggest rivals, Galatasaray. I’ve been hearing about it since the day I got over here; as soon as I got to the airport. Right then, like five people told me I had on the wrong color.

I still wear the backpack because it’s my backpack. I like it and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one. Every day they tell me to take it off; that I have to get a new one.

Oh man, classic European backpack turf war going on right here. Seems serious. I’ve seen “Green Street Hooligans,” so let me tell you that this could end very badly. A backpack is not worth getting beat up over, even if you did design it yourself.

Now that the NBA season seems even more in jeopardy, this is something that all the players migrating to Europe need to be aware of. It’s probably best to stick to solid color backpacks when you go to another country, lest you tap in to some deep-seated hatred that you didn’t even know existed. So it’s either team colors, solids or doing research on the Internet to figure out the color scheme of your team’s rivals, which seems like way too much work to put in to picking a bag.

Or, I guess, just use whichever bag you want and be willing to accept the consequences. Just remember to aim for the eyes.