You’ve seen the LeBrons. You’ve seen the Kobes. You’ve seen the Derrick Roses. You’ve seen the Dwyane Wades, Carmelo Anthonys and Chris Pauls. You’ve seen a lot of the NBA’s biggest stars’ signature shoes, so why not Kevin Durant?

Them shoesies up there are the Nike Zoom KD IV, which are pretty obviously the fourth edition of Kevin Durant’s signature line with the Swoosh. They come out December 3 and they retail for $95, which is the least you’re going to pay for a superstar’s namesake kicks. That’s on purpose, by the way, but you probably knew that.

I really like the shoe, though I’m not crazy about this particular colorway. Because Kevin Durant is team-first until the very end, the launch version of Durant’s shoe is always the away shoe, a black-Thunder blue-orange makeup that always ends up being the worst-looking version of a really nice shoe.

Just check out some of the other options that’ll hit stores eventually. There are at least three great colorways that are coming out — I like the grey-yellow, all blue, and white-grey versions — but none of them are super Thunder-y, so they’re not the main look. Oh well, at least the home version is really slick.

If these are anything like the past two versions of Durant’s shoe, they’ll be a huge hit. People still talk about how great the KD II is to play in, and the KD III was one of the biggest successes of last season. Considering these sell for less than $100, don’t be surprised to see these on a lot of guys’ feet at your local runs. Nice shoe for a nice price.

(via Sneaker News)