Only the man who planked in an actual basketball game could come up with a photo meme like the Flying Buddha, which seems to be just jumping in the air and striking the stereotypical meditation pose with a super calm look on your face. It’s no Leisure Dive, but it’s still pretty chill.

And you can do it anywhere. Like, for instance, above the mountains of Manila.

In a gym.

On a bridge.

With children.

Planking is dead. Long live Flying Buddha-ing.

(via Capital Games)

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  1. As stupid as planking was this seems like real fun for everybody.

  2. I never noticed it, but in that first picture McGee looks a lot like Ice-T.

  3. ^lol true story

  4. I was never into planking. I’m all in for this.

  5. The first pic is not in the “mountains of Manila”. It’s at Bohol, central Philippines – at the site of the “chocolate hills”.


    Nice shirt! I’m now a fan!

  6. Yup, this is awesome.

  7. Was there ever someone on this planet who was born to be a Harlem Globetrotter more than JaVale? Doesn’t that have to be his destiny?

    He’s also probably a savvier business man than LeBron. For his relative talents, he’s destroying the Asian markets

  8. …for real?! NO ONE else thinks he absolutely HAS to make a dunk out of this and premiere it at the slam dunk competition in a move that somehow involves his mom?!? c’mon people it’s obvious!

  9. Those are not mountains in manila. Those are the chocolate hills in Bohol Philippines.

  10. I’m almost positive those hills are in Bohol. How on earth he ended up in Bohol, I don’t know. But good for him. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.

  11. Thanks!
    Felix Hutson

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