If you were given 68 choices for how Michael Beasley was staying in shape during the lockout, do you think you would ever guess ballet? I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t. For one, Beasley doesn’t seem like the ballet type because, well, he’s a 6-foot-8 basketball player who was once suspended for school for drawing on his principal’s car. Also, you probably just don’t think of ballet when you’re considering NBA training regimens.

But I guess we need to reconfigure our minds, because Michael Beasley is definitely doing ballet to stay in shape. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

[Beasley] has played with childhood pal Durant and Wall in exhibition games across the country and also has incorporated elements of yoga, karate and, yes, ballet into summer workouts intended to make his body stronger, more limber and help ensure a long, productive career. He has dropped about 15 pounds after playing last season at 240 pounds.

“I don’t really dance,” he said. “I do it for the stretching.”

Does he own a tutu?

“No, no, no, no,” he replied. “I wear shorts and a shirt.”

Is this just a ploy to get on “Dancing With the Stars?”

“I don’t really consider myself a star,” he said, “but if they want me to dance, I’ll dance.”

“Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?”Enrique Iglesias

“Sure.” — Michael Beasley

Just kidding. That song is about Anna Kournikova. But it is still good to see that Michael Beasley is pushing himself during this long offseason. He wasn’t listed on our odds of being this lockout’s Shawn Kemp, but between the pot busts and the injuries he suffered last year, he would have been a pretty decent bet to get heavy with all this time off. Nice to know that isn’t happening what with all the ballet that’s happening.

And hey, if he goes Black Swan with this ballet stuff, Kobe Bryant might push for him to be traded to the Lakers since that’s what he looks for in a teammate. Doing ballet during the lockout might be Michael Beasley’s best chance at a ring.

(via SLAM)