Nothing like the international language of Beats By Dre headphones to conquer the barrier between American English and British English. Everyone understands deep bass, crystal clear highs and a receiving line for handshakes.

Plus, as one astute YouTube commenter points out, you have to like how Steven Gerrard gives LeBron a “James” Liverpool jersey and gets a “James” Heat jersey in return. Classic LeBron.

(via Dirty Tackle)

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  1. he writes with his left, does that make him left handed? i think it’s the writing hand that defines it, right?

  2. Yeah, he’s left-handed, but always played right-handed. That’s why he’s so good at left-handed layups, and that also may be why his jumper looks kinda weird.

  3. Wth is he wearing his cap like that??

  4. he looks like a bad santa claus, just passing out generic gifts like that.

  5. I he’s going for the “receding backwards hat to cover up my receding hairline” look.

  6. That’s a peculiar way to wear a cap. Like some of my friends did when whey were 17 or 18.

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