Earlier this month, Baron Davis showed up at a negotiating session dressed like a fancy lumberjack. He said it was to “ease the tension.” A likely story.

Turns out, he was buzz marketing for a movie he’s producing. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Davis is spending the lockout focusing on producing the documentary¬†American Schlub, which explores the downfall of men’s style, and starring in a pilot for a variety show. Davis, who is working on a film and TV studies minor at UCLA, also is taking acting classes.

Clearly Baron Davis’ Plaid Hatter look was a one-man viral marketing campaign designed to draw attention to the plight of the American man’s clothes while simultaneously promoting his new movie about, you guessed it, men’s style. Why else would he show up looking so casual to an important business meeting? This is a page straight out of the guerrilla advertising handbook, like when that bald dude showed up on all those Fox broadcasts.

Baron Davis is just trying to prove something to all of us, trying to show us that we need to collectively step our clothing games up because we look like children. He’s a regular Put This On in that regard, educating men that there is a time and a place for casual clothing and that that time and place is not an important business meeting that may or may not save the NBA. It’s clear now that this look was carefully planned as a piece of performance art to get people talking about men’s style, which — oh by the way — he’s producing a documentary film about. Clever girl.

Either that or he just put on whatever he could find when he found out he’d be going to this meeting. One of the two.

(via PBT)