“The world can’t go without basketball; the world is shaped like a basketball.”Brandon Jennings, genius

(via Marcel Mutoni)

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  1. Jennings should have been brought in to the owners-players labor meetings to share this useful fact. The lockout would have ended weeks ago

    - Jeff

  2. Actually, the world is shaped like an oblate spheroid.

  3. this is also good news for every soccer fan on the planet (and kinda like half good news for baseball, since we don’t have a bat-shaped belt of asteriods floatin’ round nearby, and baseball just ain’t the same without the bat…)

    ps take THAT, football and hockey!

  4. Brandon Jennings is now the most interesting man in the world.

  5. Wisest words I’ve heard in a while. I’m not sure about the world, but I’m gonna have a meltdown pretty soon without some NBA

  6. Maybe he should’ve spent that year after high school attending college afterall, instead of overseas.

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