There’s a “D” and there’s a rose. Do you get it? You get it.

There’s even a No. 1 in there too, all relief-style. This thing is perfect.

(via Counter Kicks)

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  1. That’s actually a great logo. I’m showing this to my girlfriend tonight. Studying graphic design.

  2. all of these athlete logos are terrible…let’s try to jam two initials and a number into a tiny space wooo!

  3. guess nike didn’t steal all the creative minds in the industry

  4. This is a really great logo. A lot of thought goes behind these and it shows. Although I personally think it works better for apparel. Not sure if i’d want that logo on my sneakers… Just me tho

  5. LeBron’s lion logo is better……….PSSSSSSSSSYCH!

  6. It scores points for being clever but it loses points for looking like crap. I suppose we should be happy it wasn’t a tribal-lookin’ rose.

  7. it reminds me of the Omni 1 logo (toronto tv station)… just sayin

  8. Not bad at all. I like Tebow’s a little more though.

  9. @ Joshua
    I thought the exact same thing, my wife is sudying graphic design as well.

    Believe it or not, this makes you a lot more aware of that kinda “artsy” stuff you wouldn’t even pay attention before. That’s a superb logo, I hope she’ll think the same, hehe.

  10. Hey guys, are anly girls in Canada studying design…? I feel weird all of a sudden for my career choice ://

    Like Michael said: The ideas are ther, but the execution is terrible.

  11. Very good design

  12. Great design, but I think the rose should have sharper, more defined edges. Also, I guess another color wouldn’t hurt.

  13. loved it for the first 8 seconds. I’m in the ‘great concept, bad result’ club.

    It’s clever, but the rose is way too heavy, making the logo itself too big.Could just be an early treatment to see how people react. Please don’t put this on the shoes…

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