Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony won’t stop balling, yo. Be it D-Wade’s Flamingo Sr. Rec Center League run, CP3′s NOLA Inter-Parish League battle, or ‘Melo’s Jewish under-40 league pick-up … nobody can take away their love of the game. You hear that, Stern? Nobody. Not even the Williamsburg hipsters!

Bonus: Hit the jump for the real “star” of this spot …

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  1. HAHA awesome commercial!

  2. Awesome commercial! Melo and Paul = future NYK teammates. Get ready for a championship New York!

  3. LOL the Jewish league was funny! the old jewish guy’s face is KILLING me right now

  4. Kid? or little person?

  5. Was that Williamsburg Hipster Bill Walton’s evil seed?

  6. Oy vey!
    And now I can post this.

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