How great was that Jordan ad from last night’s football game? Pretty great. Just a wonderful idea that’s well done and full of laughs, particularly at two specific parts — the Williamsburg Pick-Up Game and the Jewish Under 40 League. Clear winners of a good commercial.

And because this is the Internet, one of those things has been turned in to a t-shirt. The series of tubes is not messing around.

The shirt comes from twoeightnine design, retails for $20 or $25 and is completely awesome. The font is perfect, you get the little Melo No. 7 on the back of the shirt and you probably don’t have a lot of red in your wardrobe, so this will be a welcome addition. Plus this comes from a brand new commercial, so people will just think you’re supporting your dad in his basketball league. Always nice to earn family points.

This isn’t exactly a Jordan endorsed product, so make sure to snatch it up with the quickness, just to be safe. And hey, if this shirt sells well enough, maybe we’ll see some more of these. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Flamingo Sr. Rec Center League shirt without having to worry about pit stains from whatever creep wore it before they took it to the thrift store.

Oh, and if you want to honor the Wiliamsburg Pick-Up Game that Melo played in, just head down to American Apparel. I hear they’ve got a ton of WPUG memorabilia on sale.