The [BLANK] Jones: Mailbag

It’s October. There’s still an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we empty the metaphorical mailbag. What’s the best way to meet friends in a new town? Is there a polite way to tell shitty basketball players that they suck? Is it worth putting in the effort for a long-distance relationship? And if you had to be arrested for something, what would it be? All that, plus cybersex, crushin’ it, perfect Sundays, and a whole lot of yelling. (Yes, we hate each other.) Enjoy the show, friends.

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Comments (11)

  1. FYI:
    Second best name in german basketball. The best: Kyle Hines.

  2. I’m Skeets friend on Facebook Matt.

    That comment hurt me, he’s reaching out to his fans man!

  3. You’re damn right, Sean. Please tell that to “Barry Fisher” — aka Tas — on Facebook.

  4. The Seduction Jones

    All of you guys should go on that Keys to the VIP show, it’s shot in toronto right? Tas would fuck that show up.

    Actually that’s my video idea, do a keys to the VIP parody, Tas vs matt.

  5. Fracture with Anthony Perkins, lol.

  6. this was really interesting, for some weird reason! this is such an awesome format.

  7. Matty O you had a birthday party?! Congrats man.

  8. Just in case you guys were curious (I have no idea why you’d be), St John’s to Montreal is closer to a 30 hour drive; about a four hour flight.

    Also, in case he sees this: Reuben/Ruben, my girlfriend and I moved from St John’s to Montreal just last year. We probably know each other. Is your dad Jack?

  9. I have to add Skeets to FB friends now, when can we catch up a beer ? *

    * – you can take the dogg ;D

    btw it’s a pitty that you don’t go on tour to Europe…

  10. and Skeets, did you win the running challenge ?

  11. Fuck your filters, my initial comment was NOT spammy!

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