With the NBA on the verge of cancelling games for the entirety of November, we’re going to see even more players head overseas to get work. Serge Ibaka’s being picked up as a replacement player, Rodney Stuckey might be heading to China, The Basketball Jones is going on a tour of America and so on and so forth. In the coming months, there are going to be a whole lot of new experiences for a whole bunch of different people.

But if Ty Lawson’s tweets from Lithuania are any indication, that might not be such a good thing.

I coulda sat home and played NBA 2k12 and got the same thing accomplished that we did in practice smh

A lot of wack things happening

this ridiculous… didnt kno racism still existed… might have to pack my bags

lol..i aint gonna pack my bags.. life in a another country is crazy as u can tell… im a tough dude..aint gonna run away from a situation

they call me chico baby…. if u gonna be racist dont forget about my mexican side

Yikes. That is not exactly a ringing endorsement for Lithuanian tourism. No idea to really know what’s going on since we’re not able to be at Lawson’s Lithuanian games, but it seems like things are pretty horrible.

European crowds are notoriously hard on other races, so it’s not terribly surprising that something like this would happen. There’s even a Wikipedia entry on “Racism in Lithuania,” and the country didn’t enact anti-discrimination laws until the mid-2000s, so what Lawson is experiencing is pretty well established. That doesn’t make it right, obviously, but this is the sort of thing NBA players are going to encounter when they play in foreign leagues. That sucks, but that’s the reality of playing in countries with a history of racism. It’ll be interesting to see if this turns players off from playing overseas.

Not to mention, I totally see where Ty Lawson is coming from by saying he’d get getting the same thing out of NBA 2K12 as a basketball practice. That game is super immersive.

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  1. expectations on lawson were realy high, but hes playing average so far(the euro style doesnt suit him) the team is playing bad, zalgiris fired their head and assistant coaches (the owner of zalgiris is like a paranoid russian version of marc cuban) so the team is virtualy coachless. and for the racism is just one retard running his mouth, most of lithuanians arent racist

  2. There is no racism in America anymore! U.S. has black president, yes?

  3. Ty Lawson is part Mexican? Si se puede!

  4. So, a link to an article in the wikipedia makes you an expert now ?

    Do you really think an entire arena is going to call things to a single player just for being black ? Or is more realistic to think some couple fucking retards were doing it ?

    “”"but this is the sort of thing NBA players are going to encounter when they play in foreign leagues. That sucks, but that’s the reality of playing in countries with a history of racism.”"”"

    So, United States had black slaves, talking about history of racism.


  5. You covered yourself with shi… with glory with that disertation on racism.

    “Countries with a history of racism”. That comes from the U.S.-born member of TBJ, right? Please…

    What’s more sad is that you could have made this into a joke like so many of your other posts (which I love and read regularly). But you had to take a couple of idiots and a thin-skinned basketball player seriously.

    Well, onto the next post.

  6. Oh my, Trey, that was not a very good post, to say the least.
    Lawson does suck these first few months – if he fails to outrun his opponent or some crazy stunt shot fails to go in – he’s a non factor offensively, and his defence is not that good either. overall – below average so far. and with this sub-par performance his demeanor and those infantile tweets are really out of place.
    weems is a differnet story – plays hard, plays well, looks interested. and no stupid talk

  7. Pretty sure America has a much stronger and better documented tradition of racism than Lithuania.

    Still, incidents do occur there and in many other parts of Europe and the rest of the world (likely everywhere). African football players for instance have encountered plenty in Europe.

    A lot of people (athletes or otherwise) have trouble adjusting to a foreign environment and in such a context adverse experiences will likely have a greater impact on any individual.

    Hopefully Lawson can get past any negative incidents and make the most of his time in Europe!!

  8. I think what Trey is trying to say is that alot of those Euro countries while maybe didn’t have slaves, they are still very racist today, and its considered acceptable. If any American fan said something racist, the media and other fans would tear him apart. Having lived in Europe for 3 years, I can promise you they are not a nice as movies would have you believe. Def still racist against Africans, and as a general rule aren’t too fond of Americans.

    Ty def handled this the wrong way, but it was no doubt more than just “1″ fan saying racist things.

  9. This is the worst article I have ever read here.

    Kudos to the author.

    “Countries with a history of racism” Proof : There is a wikipedia article. Good one.

    From an American.

    And I’m not even Lithuanian.

    Just awful.

  10. One thing to reflect upon :
    In the US, it’s legal (although frowned upon, sorry for the euphemism) to have a racist discourse.
    In most European countries, it’s illegal to SAY something that would be considered racially offensive, although there is no clear definition by the law of what a race is or what races there are (because it would make the law, from a European point of view, racist).

    Result :
    More open racism in Euro countries that don’t mix a lot (i.e. : Eastern and Soutern Europe), more organized racism.
    More “closet racism” in the US and more debates about so-called “race issues”.

    It’s not that easy, people. ‘Murricans at least try to talk about it, altought in wrong terms (1% of black blood, makes you legally black, i.e. unpure).

    Don’t freakin’ judge, is my point.

  11. “European crowds are notoriously hard on other races” … i don’t think one should generalize this. Eastern or southern europe are quite different from the other parts of the continent when talking about racism. Go to Germany, France, Belgium , Scandinavia, you’ll certainly won’t encounter the things Lawson may have lived in Lithuania. The Baltics, Russia, the Balkans and the some of the other southern countries may be a little different in that aspect because they have less immigration from Africa etc.

  12. “That sucks, but that’s the reality of playing in countries WITH A HISTORY OF RACSIM. It’ll be interesting to see if this turns players off from playing overseas.” … lol…this must be one of the most controversial lines i’ve read in the last few dayst. soo…the US have no history of racism , right? sure, i remember when Holland was in that period of segregation and had slaves working for them on cotton fields or on tobacco road…oh..wait…no that never happened.. nore did it in Germany or France..or Luxembourg…hmmmm…

  13. That’s why you should appreciate our awesome country, the USA. Next time don’t whine about the minimal racism in America, when racism is alive and well in most of the world.

  14. Did someone say there’a no racism in Luthuania?
    I have lived there for five years and I have never expierienced such racism anywhere in the world.
    Best wishes to Lawson.You don’t have to swallow their poison; America will always welcome youback home if things gets tough.

  15. I don’t even know the meaning of ‘chico baby’; what’s so racist about that?

    But if that’s the only thing, I think “pretty horrible” is a big exaggeration. Of course you don’t have to accept it , but I mean come on, to say that things at his games are pretty horrible because of some uneducated idiots…. remember Wayne Dyer’s words: “shrugging shoulders is a virtue.” Don’t give those racists that power over you.

    Lastly I want to mention that there is not just one Europe. South-Europe, East-Europe & North-West Europe are all quite different, I think. (I’m from West-Europe & to me it almost feels as if south & east europe are second-world countries :S (with their huge debts blowing up our monetary union!!,))

  16. As a black American, I lived in eastern europe for 3 years as a civilian. I was called monkey, nigger, and ‘chocolat’. My message to Ty Lawson: Get over it, and roll with it.

    Their comments come from their lack of interaction with blacks before the fall of the Soviet and Yugoslav unions in 1989-1990. Once I learned not to take their jeers personally, I learned to love my Yugoslave experience.

    My travels opened up a new world that I never knew existed, and I can’t wait to go back.

    There were plenty of people who were all to happy to show their curiosity and appreciation in ways that help you remember that you are human.

    And the plethora of women in clubs, beaches and on the streets who broke their necks just to meet me in order to show their appreciation didn’t hurt either. In fact, at the risk of sounding racist, I found eastern European women the best of the bunch.

  17. I am Lithuanian, and even though I live in the US now, I know how Lithuania works in terms of racism. There are not really any foreigners there other than those from neighbouring countries, and Lithuanians do not particularly like them. The common view for Lithuanians is that Northern and Western Europe is the way to go, and people that have skin colour that is not white, and some people consider Southern Europeans (such as Italian or Spanish) as “black,” which has very negative connotations. People used to think that black men will come and rape the “beautiful, blonde women.” Thankfully, many Lithuanians now either immigrate and travel all over the world (don’t forget that we have only regained independence from the Soviets in 1990), and the xenophobia dissapears as people realise that people who are not white are actually people like us.
    We, as a country and people, have a lot of growing up to do. Our history has scarred us a lot, because we used to be some of the tolerant people in Europe. Hopefully that will come back. Until then, I think its best to stick to Vilnius if you are someone who is non-white, because I am from Panevezys myself, and believe me, there are some areas where you probably would not even make it through as white, so do not take your chances as someone who is a different race.

  18. Ty Lawson on his travels: ““I feel like I am a little more cultured now. See, I got the Lithuanian flag up there (pointing to the name plate on his locker), I am part Lithuanian now.”

    Doesn’t seem like he hated it all that much to me.


  19. Vy dount wont any nigaz, arabz, muslimz and other mongrelz in Litveinia….

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