I hope Brian Scalabrine plays in Italy forever — and that we always get to see the highlights — just so we can hear the announcers say “Scahlabrrrreeeenneeee” over and over again like they’re in a Mario Bros. game. The guy’s a regular Adam Morrison over there.

(via PBT)

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    It remind me of “his” Lebron dis rap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1lVaYcJ5bQ

  2. he looks like bird^^

  3. Man, Scal is like an all-star out there. As opposed to the victory cigar he is in Chicago.

  4. Scahlabrrrreeeenneeee is pretty awesome..

  5. It’s actually more Scalabrini!
    He’s pretty much made for lower leagues, and italian annoucers.

    Seriously, why would you go back to being the “victory cigar”?

  6. crazy what happens when you play on a team that passes and makes cuts… huh?

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