Unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary forensic tools to determine whether or not J.R. Smith’s tattooed skin surface area now exceeds his non-tattooed skin surface area, or else I’d be able to definitively answer this question. Sorry, guys.

That being said, it looks like his tattoos are starting to pile on top of each other. That Jordan jersey hanging from his sternum rafters, Jumpman logo and pair of Air Jordan IIs looks like they just went right over the top of some previously existing tattoos. Leads me to believe he’s running out of space.

Someday, tattoo recognition software will advance to a place where we can know the true answer to important riddles like this one. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate and admire the pain tolerance necessary to sit through all of these.

(via Sports Illustrated)

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  1. New Jersey Devils tattoo? He’s a hockey fan?

  2. Maybe, but he’s definitely from New Jersey

  3. Whatever that is on the right side of his stomach looks like a third nipple tat.

  4. Hey Trey, how do you post images in the comments?

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