Steve Nash designed a line of suits, ties and accessories for online made-to-measure suit maker Indochino. The suits look nice, plus Indochino seems to make pretty decent wares, given the price point. Cool partnership for a guy who says he’s already been wearing the suits for three years and recently became an investor.

Plus, if you enter a Facebook contest, you can win a whole bunch of stuff. We’re talking two custom suits, tickets to a Suns game with travel and lodging included, 500 bucks and a handshake from Steve Nash. That last part’s the best, obviously. Just a quick, firm handshake with no words spoken, gentleman-style.

That’s all well and good. Steve Nash is making power moves and you can win some prizes. Neat. The real reason this is such a great thing is because Steve Nash is modeling the suits. And guys, he went for it.

Like really went for it.

“Let’s see happy.”

“OK, turn over your shoulder and give me a Ricky Martin “Shake Your Bon Bon” look.”

“Yes, Steve. Yes. Give me happy. Happier. As happy as you can.”

“Now pull it back a little. I need to see Cool Steve. Flip the collar and give me those eyes Elizabeth Hurley loved so much. Nice. Perfect.”

Who knows if Steve Nash’s haberdashery adventure is going to be successful, but with model shots like these, you have to assume he’s going to move major units. I’m not saying he’s the best male model ever, but he’s certainly having the most fun doing it.

(via Holly MacKenzie)