I don’t get it — the JOCS dance or whatever Patty Mills is doing here — but I certainly laughed. Laughed it right up, like a little baby laughing when it farts. Hopefully you will too.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. He’s paying out James O’Connor an Australian Rugby Player… Patty has put all his mannerisms into a dance. Its hilarious!

  2. white people are hilarious !! am i rite?

  3. That was not your run-of-the-mills lol. That was an lol. Hand Punch.

  4. He’s not “white”, he’s Aboriginal Australian.

    The original ad with James O’Conner is famous because it’s been on repeat all throughout the Rugby World Cup. For Australians, this is pretty freaking hilarious. Hopefully this catches on at Melbourne Tigers games (where he is now playing in the lock-out)

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