It’s October. There’s still an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we go all in on Halloween. Are you ever too old to dress up? What’s the shittiest candy to get while trick-or-treating? And how does one perfectly execute a “Dirty Sanchez” costume? All that, plus sweaty candy corn, Devil’s Night, and razorblades. Oh, and don’t put your finger in a pay phone change hole. Trust me.

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  1. You look like a lil’ baby corpse. JAMON!

  2. At Halloween ’98 I made out with a girl that went to Kevin Garnett’s high school.

    The first one. In South Carolina. It should have been worse.

  3. As the parent of a black child, I’m doubly offended.

  4. …people handed out soda?!

  5. Halloween in Canada is just weird. Potato chips and soda?

  6. to be fair, i’d rather get potato chips than jolly fucking ranchers

  7. Also, did Matty O go and change the wikipedia page on mischief night?

  8. Live in Utah and I got soda and chips on several occasions.

    Sometimes, people gave out change when they ran out of treats.


    Invisibility costume comment = Shock & awe = Awesome

  10. Nice Joliet (Statesville) shoutout, Trey. It should be noted that while the former prison may be scary, it’s nothing compared to much of the city once the sun goes down.

  11. My freshman year of college, I was at a party and drank a bit too much vodka. I saw 2 girls dressed as slutty vampires with fake blood coming out of their mouths pretend they were eating people at the party and because I was drunk, I got scared and ran home about 3 miles frightened to death

  12. Will you guys be selling special edition “TBJ Tour: No Season Required” t-shirts on the tour?

  13. Extreme Urine Doritos vs Sweaty Candy Corn…I’d take the latter
    JD: the Heavy Hitter
    Mat: the Pussy (fuck you)
    Tas: the Quotester
    Skeets: the Infuser
    Trey: the Other Guy (dress as Brad Miller)

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