Here is a list of various NBA Jordans that Jordan Crawford could maybe be better than.

  • Adonis Jordan
  • Charles Jordan
  • DeAndre Jordan
  • Eddie Jordan
  • Reggie Jordan
  • Thomas Jordan
  • Walter Jordan
  • Jordan Farmar
  • Jordan Hill

NBA Jordans who Jordan Crawford will not be better than.

  • Michael Jordan

Comments (6)

  1. no way this fool will ever be bettter than DEANDRE. he’s a straight up beast.

  2. “Could” be.

  3. you forgot Harold “Baby Jordan” Minor. again…”could be”

  4. wow i canĀ“t believe somebody named “adonis jordan” actually exists & played in the nba

  5. LOL he needs to be a starter on team first.. doesnt he come off the bench on a CRAPPY team? LOL

  6. I know this is not related to the subject, but his head looks photoshopped. :)

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