As far as homemade NBA recruitment videos go, Luke Baker’s is probably the best. This kid’s favorite sound is the swish of the net (and also a little rim), he takes 30 shots and only misses maybe one, and he can cross his dad up like he’s John Wall in a summer league game.

Oh, and he can dunk.

Let’s hope this new CBA abolishes the age limit because this kid is the next Earl Boykins.

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  1. Too bad his shot look like the love child of Shawn Marion’s and Kevin Martin’s.

  2. His dad could play for the Raps with the type of D!!

  3. this kid sucks…….. lol

  4. I like the Wonder Womanesque sound effects when he does his superhuman crossover.

  5. Wish I could afford a rim with a goddamn rebound board when I was a kid. then they’d see.


    P.S: Kid got Kyle Korver shooting form.

  6. kid is trash. i was better than him when i was his age. and i could dunk on a 7’5 net when i was his height

  7. I think there’s something Dirk-like about his shot. He’s got some skills.

  8. The kid’s awesome. You’re all just jealous.

  9. why does it show another guy as the picture for this article?

  10. Hey now that my video is on this famous website i actually might got to the NBA! Anyways thanks for putting my videos on your website. If you have a youtube account subscribe to me too. If you know any scouts then send them to Sir Winston Highschool in Calgary.

  11. ^ this is funny as hell

  12. kids got no left hand, he’ll never make it

  13. This is terrible, the video could easily be edited to show only hit shots, he might’ve taken 500 shots, who knows, plus there’s no defence, I know many kids including myself when I was that age who are better than this, and who could dunk on a higher net

  14. The next great WHITE hope.. as my friend would say.. hes racist. He says the NBA is still looking for the next GREAT white player since larry bird… Maybe this kid is it!

    COME ON STERN!!! hes STARRING you in the face, Send him to indiana and start him!!

  15. If I was this kid’s dad, I would’ve swatted that shot into the rose bushes. No weak shit. You better understand me, SON! hehe

  16. Get Bill Murray out there to play some D

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