Way back in 2007, when Gilbert Arenas was still a marketable player who contributed positively to basketball teams, adidas hooked Agent Zero up with 20 different colorways of his second signature shoe, the adidas Gil II Zero. Of course, Arenas got hurt before all of these sneakers could be released and the plan was ruined.

This anecdote serves as background for the real point of this story, which is that Under Armour is doing something very similar with Brandon Jennings, giving him seven different looks for his signature Bloodline kicks with each makeup representing a different stop on his way to the NBA. That’s cool, and the shoes all look really great, but I’d like to rap at you for a minute about “The Hunter” version.

Look at that thing — camouflage upper with a bright orange strap across the middle — and tell me that’s not a shoe that should be on Brad Miller’s feet. Sure, this refers to Brandon Jennings playing in Milwaukee and Wisconsiners love of hunting, but that’s child’s play compared to Brad’s camo fetish. He’s worn the pattern to his introductory press conference with the Rockets, while bear hunting in Canada and even on court during a nationally televised basketball game. The man bleeds camouflage, you just can’t see it.

I don’t have the time or energy to research this, but I think that whenever Brandon Jennings wears these in a game, he’ll be the first NBA player to wear legit camo shoes. As a Brad Miller fan, I’m really sad he won’t be the first to break down that barrier. Turkey shoes are great, but this should be Brad’s time to shine.

Or blend in. Whatever.

(via Dime Mag)