Here are your NBA Halloween costumes

Today is Halloween, but this past weekend was Halloweekend, which is the weekend when you wear your costumes to your big parties and end up making out with someone dressed like a Smurf. Fun times.

Because you guys are all big NBA fans, some of you dressed up like NBA players. And some of you are me.

Yeah, that’s me as 1998 Bill Wennington. Guess who loved it? Bill Wennington. When your Halloween costume is L-ing his AO, you know it’s good.

So is this — TBJ fan Andrew as Bill Walton.

Pretty much perfect. I especially appreciate the dedication to the costume that’s shown in the beard sans mustache and knee wraps. No idea if Andrew broke his feet every three steps, but that’d take this to another level.

Another dude named George sent in a couple pictures of his bros being locked out basketball players. Here’s J.J. Redick.

This looks like Andrew Garfield playing J.J. Redick. Ladies…

Here’s Steve Blake.

Love the call out to the way-too-short Steve Blake headband era. Not too sure about the Jerry Buss pun and the lines of perspective on the school bus, but the headband makes up for it.

As you can tell, locked out players were a big meme this year. HoopSpeak’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss took it up a notch, going with his buddy as an owner literally locking out a player.

Technically, Chris Paul would rather play under the old collective bargaining agreement to ensure maximum earning potential and contract length, but that wouldn’t fit on a sign.

In this same vein, friend of the blog, Natasha, went as an unemployed basketball player.

So sad.

A fella by the name of Sam went as “John Stockton who is dressed as Karl Malone for Halloween.” Really high concept.

Even though you can see an entire four inches of thigh, these shorts still might be too long. It’s not a true John Malone or Karl Stockton costume until you can see some pubes.

This isn’t technically an NBA player costume, but TBJ fan Eric’s Phoenix Suns gorilla costume is too good to not mention.

Really hope Eric took a trampoline with him everywhere he went, just so he could jump through things. That’d really set this thing off.

All in all, great showing by all you NBA heads out there. If you’ve got any more, feel free to show us some JPEGs.