Not too long ago, Kris Humphries was leading a blessed life. He was coming off his best season yet, the Nets made a video promoting him for Sixth Man of the Year, he was blowing up GQ magazine by wearing tiny swim trunks and, oh yeah, he was marrying Kim Kardashian, who is very pretty, rich and famous. Everything was coming up Hump.

Now, not so much. Pretty much the opposite. For one, he’s getting divorced. From TMZ, who knows these things:

Kim Kardashian will file for divorce this morning, after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries  … TMZ has learned.

We’re told even though the marriage was short, she will not seek an annulment. It’s a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites “irreconcilable differences.”

We’re told the date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011.

This comes on the heels of being swindled out of some serious money. From TMZ again:

Kim Kardashian’s husband claims he was bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a guy he invited to his wedding … a guy who’s been arrested for allegedly running a $1.7 million investment scam. [...]

Officials believe Andrey lied to several investors — including Kris — telling them, among other things, that he was a Harvard graduate … when in fact, he was kicked out of the University after 3 semesters for crappy grades. Officials say Andrey only took 1 math class at Harvard … and got a D-.

Officials claim 27-year-old Hicks stole $1.7 million from various investors … and sources close to Kris tell us the NBA star accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars himself.

And, of course, he’s locked out right now, meaning he can’t sign a big free agent contract. That means that in the span of six months, Kris Humphries went from millionaire basketball player marrying one of the world’s most desirable women to divorced, unemployed and tricked out of money by a friend. Yikes.

I’m not sure what the opposite of the Kardashian Effect should be called — Kardashian Kurse is pretty fitting — but this is definitely it.

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  1. I don’t want to sound mean, but seriously: l o l

  2. See thats why you dont marry the hoe… its common sense.. you can’t marry hoe. Thats what freeman said on the boondocks. DONT MARRY THE HOE!! especially if she can run fast in heals…

  3. Desirable? Blech…

  4. Tivo set for “Kim’s Fairytale Divorce, A Kardashian Event”.

  5. phew… in the long run, this should get Humpty Dumpty out of nba related news. i hate that guy for some reason, and if it weren’t for kim kardashian, who i don’t care for either, no one would ever talk about him. i bet lamar odom is also kinda glad that he doesn’t have to be related to that dude anymore :D

  6. Let me guess E will pay them $20 million to cover their divorce hearing like that boring wedding.

    I am getting tired of looking at them.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P

  7. Is this a trick , since it is halloween?

  8. is this a trick, since it’s halloween?????

  9. is this a trick, since it ‘s halloween????

  10. is this a halloween, since it’s a trick?


  12. his heart may be hurting but his pocketwallet certainly not, they as a humphrie/kardashian have made 18million since married, that’s $250,000 a day. he may be locked out but he’s made more money marrying her than he ever will playing ball.

  13. Is this a trick, since it ‘s Halloween????

  14. I wonder if he was able to have sex with her, before the separation.

  15. Doesn’t money make it so much easier to be a moron?

  16. I like Kris; leave him alone. He was just playing badketball, enjoying his life when the “whore from hell” spotted him & selected him as her sex toy until someone else came along. Poor baby Kris got all excited about joining ranks will Reggie Bush & Miles Austin & the bodyguard & Ray-J & who knows who else for a shot at that Kardashian stuff. Then the precious fellow actually fell in love with the woman.. Kris just got too carried away, but he will be fine & go on with a successful career in basketball when that crazy lockout ends.
    Thank goodness, that adorable man diid not conceive a child with that woman.
    God will take care of Kris, and who knows who will take care of Kim? I do hope that one day, she,too, will find some happiness. She is truly a sad case as of present.

  17. Hey Kris! Take a look at Kim Kardashians face and body while she was hanging out with her mentor Paris Hilton .FUGLY! You can’t polish up a turd, Kim is ugly inside and out. All the rekaing with plastic surgery head to toe will not keep that sickening,stench away. She is a toxic pos.

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