Note: This video was already posted on Score Buzz by Scott Lewis, but it’s too good not to re-post here.

If the 2011-12 NBA regular season kicked off tonight as originally planned, the Oklahoma City Thunder would be in Los Angeles to take on the Lakers. Kobe, Durant, Pau, Westbrook, Bynum, Ibaka… I get chills just thinking about it. Then I get emo because the players are still locked out.

If fans like me are bummed out, just imagine how the players feel. Thanks to Twitter, we don’t have to wonder.

Oklahoma State student George Overbey had just returned from class when he saw Durant’s tweet. He replied, “Got a game tonight in Stillwater!! I need a deep threat!!” One thing led to another and Durant ended up joining Overbey and his buddies for what was probably the most well-attended flag football game in Stillwater history.

As you might have guessed, Durant with his 6-foot-10 height and “wingspan of a two-car garage” played pretty well, finishing with four touchdowns and three interceptions. Even better, he might have started a trend among the NBA’s locked out superstars: