Every year at Christmas time, Nike hooks its big name players — Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant — up with some special holiday shoes. It’s a year-end tradition that everyone loves to celebrate with mistletoe, ginger bread and a new Tim Allen movie that your mom loves. This year is no different because we’re already getting our first look at the Christmas version of the Nike LeBron 9, even though there might not be basketball on Christmas.

LeBron’s Christmas kicks have always been the tamest, as he’s pretty much always worn some iteration of a standard red/green colorway rather than something super extravagant like Grinch green or bright yellow. That’s the case this year too, as these are just a simple color swap of his normal shoe. Nothing too exciting, but unmistakeably Christmas. It’s not bad that these aren’t super crazy shoes. These might be the most wearable Christmas shoes you’ll see, for that very reason. Everybody on the Milwaukee Bucks could rock these on opening night (RIP) and that would look totally normal.

If you’re looking for zany sneakers at Christmas, these aren’t high on your list. But if you just like red shoes, they’re right in your wheelhouse. Swap out the green laces and you’ve got a Ronald McDonald-approved shoe.

Detailed shots are after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Nike LeBron)