Here’s how this tour diary thing is going to work. Because I cannot see the future due to a startling lack of precogs, Day 2 will actually be a recap of Day 1 with just a little bit of Day 2 plans thrown in. Sorry for not being a soothsayer, but I’m sure you understand. Anyways.

We left Toronto yesterday morning, heading for Chicago. Well, it was supposed to be morning, but our flight got pushed back a couple hours. And then it got pushed back another 45 minutes. Good start.

Didn’t matter to Tas, as you can see. He was still happy. Always an optimist, that guy.

So we finally get to Chicago, only to realize that we didn’t account for one thing — six guys with one month of clothing and a gigantic audio/video equipment trunk makes finding a taxi cab pretty hard. This was not a welcome development, so we lined up in order from happiest to saddest.

I was very sad and also look superimposed. But trust me, I was really there. Or here. You get the picture, which is real.

Eventually, we found a cab and made our way to our hotel, which I will not be revealing because we’re not the kind of touring podcast who likes to tip off the paparazzi. We’d like to be able to get around the city without being followed by hundreds of cameras, which would surely happen if we told people where we are staying. Nice try, paparazzi.

Once we got to our hotel, things really picked up. And by picked up I mean, we found out our hotel had free wi-fi.

Just a bunch of cool guys setting up their phones. We might look like dorks, but just remember, we want the Internet in our pockets so we can communicate with you. You’re welcome.

Phones Internet-ed, we hit the city. First stop: Big Star, which is one of my favorite places on Earth to eat.

Unfortunately, we had to wait because everyone in Chicago loves Big Stars delicious tacos.

Haha, just kidding. We are a world famous basketball podcast on an international tour, we wait for nothing. (Also, it was 2:30pm, so there were a lot of open tables.)

We got our eat on immediately. I housed six tacos like it was no big deal. Skeets, to everyone’s surprise, took down five. When a guy that slender eats like a real American, you have to give him some dap.


Clear eyes, full bellies, we hit the road again. We went to some baseball field.

Due to the overwhelming response to our first live podcast, we inquired about hosting the show at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod were already there, so we were turned away. Too bad. It would have been a real honor to play the same venue as the Dave Matthews Band.

The sun was setting and we needed somewhere to keep warm, so we went to a trivia night. Once we saw the competition, we made Matt and JD look as nerdy as possible so that we could intimidate the other teams.

The rest of us just tried to look super smart.

It worked. Obviously.

Unfortunately, it was all a facade. We didn’t win. Sure, that’s because a lot of teams were using their phones to look up answers — you’re all cheaters and you know who you are — but we still didn’t even come close. We were subjected to Skeets dancing to get us five measly bonus points. But even that didn’t happen because Skeets has never heard of the “Cupid Shuffle” and abandoned the dance floor prematurely. It was a disaster.

Once that was done with, we got some Lou Malnati’s pizza in our faces. Kind of forgot to take pictures, but you guys know what pizza looks like. It looks delicious and tasted even better. Between the deep dish and the tacos, I’d say this has been a very successful tour already.

Today, we’ll be scouting locations for our first real video shoot and we’ll do a little live show planning so Bill Wennington doesn’t think we’re total idiots. As long as we’re just partial idiots, that’s OK.

Check back throughout the day for more fun times. Peach out.