I understand the sentiment behind Nike’s newest LeBron ad — that the two-time MVP is so committed to hooping that he stays up all night getting better — but he should really make sure to get some rest. Working out that hard is exhausting and sleep has amazing regenerative powers. If he makes sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep a night, his workouts will be even more effective.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Glad to see him working on his post ga… oh wait.

  2. I wanna know where that court is! Mint Condition!

  3. That’s why I sleep harder than anybody. I’ll be the Will Smith of sleeping.

  4. He’s more clever than people think. By disappearing at the end of important games, he can rest up and have all kinds of extra energy later that night for shooting off-balance 8-footers, spinning a lot, working on his uncontested dunks, and perfecting his travel.

  5. I like this new Nike Ad campaign. It is simple, yet powerful…

  6. LeBron never sleeps… neither does the guy operating the spotlight on LeBron throughout this ad.

  7. isn’t staying up practicing basketball kobe’s thing? and do you really need to practice dunking?

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