You might think that an international podcasting tour is all private jets, exquisite dining and fine linens on freshly made beds, but you’d be wrong. Sometimes podcast tours have to work and that leads to some pretty boring days.

Yesterday was one of those days. Want proof? Here are the two most exciting things that happened.

1. JD cleaned out his email inbox.

2. Skeets bought a sweatshirt that he desperately tried to convince us was so ugly it was cool.

It was that kind of day. Lots of work, lots of planning and lots of posting up in a hotel restaurant that is shaped suspiciously like our office back in Toronto. As much as we’d love to just chill and eat tacos all day, we do still have a bunch of shows that we have to put on. You can’t just go across America totally winging podcasts and expect to be taken seriously.

Of course, we did get to have a little fun at the end of the day, after a hotel employee interrogated us about why we’d been sitting in their empty restaurant for hours and hours. We hit up some dude’s restaurant and got our steak on.

You know, Michael Jordan makes a pretty decent steak. I was a little surprised that the best basketball player of all-time would be flipping beef over a hot grill, but we all have our passions. It’s good to see that MJ has found a way to channel his competitive energy now that he’s retired. (Note: If you happened to be in Chicago any time from 1992-1999, this is NOT Michael Jordan’s Restaurant, which was a junky, overpriced fake nostalgia pub that had cutesy Jordan-named cuisine. This is an actual steakhouse that’s actually pretty good.)

We got a lot of food in our stomachs there, since every meal is tailor-made for a 6-foot-6 professional athlete and is therefore high in calories and protein to aid the recovery process. That’s good though, since today is going to be a busy, busy day. We’ve got a video shoot with a notable Chicago celebrity this morning (not Oprah, but yes Obama) and then we’ve finally got our first show of the No Season Required tour.

If you’re in Chicago, you should definitely come out and meet all of my family and friends. Or just come for the jokes. Either way, you should come.