As I mentioned in today’s recap, we got a very unusual tour of the United Center where we saw pretty much anything we wanted. Here’s the best stuff.

This is the Michael Jordan statue, which everyone has seen but is still great. Saw it yesterday, and just so you guys know, still great.

Couldn’t resist a chance to hang my jacket in Brad Miller’s old locker. I have to say — it felt pretty great.

This was in some Bulls office. Just a reminder about the Bulls having the best team ever. No bigs.

Pretty weird to see an actual reproduction of Michael Jordan’s “I’m back” declaration, but here it is.

This is probably the most hilarious piece of memorabilia we saw — a picture of the Bulls celebrating the arrivals of Ron Artest, Elton Brand and Michael Ruffin. Yes, that Michael Ruffin.

Here’s the actual rim from Steve Kerr’s huge shots during the 1997 Finals. Fun fact: the Bulls have played without a rim on that side of the court since this was removed for display.

Cool Coke can, I guess. Can’t really remember why I took this picture but I hope you enjoy it.

Almost stole this. Decided to leave it. Probably for the best.

Oh, so this is why they had that picture of Michael Ruffin up. Because he’s the model for the NBA’s uniform requirements. Makes sense now.

And finally, our mascot for the No Season Required tour, Mr. Phil Collins. He’s an easy lover.