You asked for it, Portland. You got it. Here’s a bunch of pictures from our weirdest day yet.

We went to the Nike employee store in Beaverton, where Matt bought this tiny shoe which he says is for his nephew. No one believed him.

Hours passed and it turned to night, where Skeets helped aid in the destruction of some bachelorette party’s castle. Or something like that. Welcome to Medieval Times.

We went in to dinner, where I ordered the girliest soda ever made.

However, I was quickly one-upped when Matt ordered a gigantic pineapple to drink out of then married the waitress who brought it and immediately took her on a honeymoon.

As you can see, dinner was really great and we all had a great time. Especially JD.


We ended up playing a probably-too-competitive seven game series of Connect Four at some place called Rogue, because that’s something you can do in Portland. Skeets, Tas and I took home the series victory on an amazing gambit by yours truly. Be sure to read all about it on The Connect Four Jones.

Yahtzee came out and so did Tas’ new gambling alter ego — Money Melas. He’s a pretty cool guy, but he’s really intense.

Once Money Melas left, Matt Melas showed up. In case you’re wondering, Matt Melas is really just Tas doing an impression of Matt.

Exhausted from all the character work, Tas promptly fell asleep while tweeting. That’s Portland for you.