Like a ragtag jug band, The Basketball Jones is on the road and coming to your town. It’s No Season Required.

On today’s show, we’re joined by “The Godfather” of Portland sports media, Dwight Jaynes (Comcast), and Ben Golliver (Blazersedge/CBS Sports) to discuss: the best way to approach an athlete in an airport, Tas’ new drunken alter ego, the ol’ Jail Blazers, Portland hipsters, food carts, the worst interview ever, and Greg Oden’s member.

Put a bird on it, Portland! See you in Cali.

Next stop: 11/8, Oakland, CA


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  1. Thanks for making the trip to P-Town guys!

  2. Where and when for Oaktown?

  3. You know I love you guys, but I’m glad I didn’t make the trip for this. It sounded like you brought only your junior high locker room material to the podcast.

    Also, more Ben and less Dwight.

  4. portlandians are polite, unless you’re a laker fan

  5. I blew it. I followed Matt Osten all over Portland, but never saw where he hid his pot of gold.

  6. J.E. Skeets, It was good to meet you, been following you for a while. I should have elaborated on my Steve Blake as the hipster of the NBA. Put that guy in a flannel shirt and a pair of RayBans, that dude would fit in anywhere here.

  7. I ment, following this blog for a while. (4 yrs now)

  8. Great show, last night. It was a blast. Also, thanks Skeets, for holding the bathroom door open for me. You’re a true gentleman.

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  10. Great show guys and welcome to Oregon! My answer to the most Canadianesque city in the US on your tour would definitely be Portland . I just wanted to let you guys know that with all the union, lockout situation going on the two things I appreciated the most were LaMarcus’s charity game and your blank jones tour. I love it man and I’ve followed your blogs for years. Lifelong Blazer fan that I have been, I hope the guys stay home and do more of this charity work for the communities in Oregon. I also think it would be good for your format to bring the D league into the program because it’s still alive and we all know you hate college hoops. Again, thank you for making the trip to Portland, you should see a Blazer home game here someday. Best fans in the NBA, period! Wilt the Stilt rocked the best basketball beard ever. Popovich had the worst, mabe George Karl but definitely Popovich. James Hardin has some kind of epic Dick Gregory beard going on. Coffee rules Portland more than hoops, food or micro brews.

  11. Every basketball fan should buy a Globetrotters ticket when they come through your town! Ambassadors of goodwill deserve a shout out!

  12. Good show guys.

    I read Breaks of the Game and it basically told that Portlandians are basketball freaks. That makes me want to live in Portland. But I’m a Lakers fan (well, my third favorite team after the Sixers and the Bulls), so as @louie said, you might not be polite towards me. :)

  13. Loved this show guys, sounded like you guys really enjoyed recording it.

  14. I miss JD. Thats all I wanted to say, but it kept telling me my comment was “a bit too short”. So I’ll add that you should switch Matt and JD.

  15. I’m Filipino, and the bobble-penis has already been invented. You have to lift up a barrell. Bobble-boobs too. Can’t find pics of them though =/

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