Another live show, another success. We are pretty much professionals at this thing now. (Well, since we have a television network sending us across America to make jokey-jokes, I guess we were already professionals, but this is more of a metaphorical feeling).

I mean, if we weren’t total pros, why would such a diverse crowd come out to see us?

We had young.

And we had old.

We had bearded and not bearded.

We even had women.

TBJ is for the people, as you can see. We appeal to a broad demographic which is notable for their gift-bringing prowess.

Like this Greg Oden bobblehead we got from Dwight Jaynes and Ben Golliver.

And these cupcakes one of our fans brought us.

And this autographed 1990 Hoops Phil Jackson card I was given where the autograph is from the guy who gave it to me and not Phil Jackson. Keep it weird, Portland.

But seriously, we earned these gifts. Well, maybe not so much us as our guests. Here’s us by ourselves.

And here’s us with our guests.

Look how much fun everyone’s having in that second picture. Smiles all around. Meanwhile, I completely botched the first one, looking like I’m trying to do some sort of face stretching routine. Way to bring the best out of us, guests.

After the podcast, we hit LaMarcus Aldridge’s charity game. People seemed pretty excited to see him.

Like really excited.

Tas, meanwhile, was excited to see a different Blazer. I’m sure you can guess who.

Tas’ mouth is still pretty sore from all the smiling. We’re road roommates, so I’ll make sure he eats enough bananas to avoid cramping during our Bay Area show. Can’t let those puns go to waste because Tas can’t move his face.

Because we are very fancy boys who go around the nation talking to people about laughing, we got credentialed for the game and stormed the court to do interviews. Tas handled the old ladies.

Skeets handled the little kids. It’s a beautiful marriage.

We got some great videos with the guys there, which you’ll get to peep in not too long. You’re going to love them. I guarantee it. All in all, it’s a very good experience watching a bunch of Blazers do a charity game in Portland. Highly recommended the next time there is a soul-crushing lockout and you are on an international podcast tour.

Now we’re headed to San Francisco/Oakland/E-40′s house where we’ll be trying to hang with Mr. Cooper. If it’s anything like our first two stops, things are going to be great.