As Skeets and Tas loosen up before their first No Season Required Tour show, an unexpected guest pops by to inspire them.

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  1. Private video? Password? I don’t even…

  2. I guess we need the spirit to guide us to what the password is…

  3. The password is clearly Skeets’ real name

  4. locked out eh..

  5. Sorry guys, fixed now.

    PS- for future reference, the password is BOOMTOWN.

  6. Sooo how is Phil Jackson’s peyote working for you?

  7. Too much Heat, eh?

  8. those are some amazingly fastened towels.

  9. Love it. Instant Classic

  10. This video was really fun and entertaining to watch. Good Job!

  11. I don’t know if I get it, but it was awesome.


  13. lucky mother fucking sons a bitches

  14. This was amazing! Can’t wait to see the shananigans that happens everywhere else!

  15. Glad you guys were wearing boxers or something so that this didn’t turn in to a Borat inspired short.

  16. great job. love that you can see tas’ “thingy” at the 2:26 mark.

  17. That’s what I call a two towel performance! Bravo.

  18. Simply amazing. Look forward to seeing y’all in the Bay.

  19. Awesome stuff, guys! Love it!

  20. that. was. amazing.


  22. XD this was awesome!

  23. Good job boys, great video, loved it!

  24. You’re both Mental Institution material :D

  25. JD…we need to see the outtakes from that……or were those the outtakes?

  26. So jealous but thanks for that amazingly entertaining video. Wish it was a movie i want more !!!

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