Kobe Bryant is either in a huge hurry or has devoted his lockout time off to becoming a speed skater. With that pose, it’s got to be one of those two things.

Or maybe he was just running from bees. From the GQ interview:

“Being attacked by a swarm was a recurring nightmare. My dream, however, was to fly like Superman.”

So it’s either bees, speed skating or he’s just in a big hurry. Help us figure this out in the comments because this is very important.

(via I Am a GM)

Comments (4)

  1. Not enough white.

  2. I’d hate to think that a fine publication like GQ Italia would knowingly smear Kobe’s good name, but judging by the top headline on the left, I would say that he’s in a hurry due to something involving a life of “dope” and “crack”.

  3. NOT a Kobe fan, but that is HOT!

  4. It’s either flamenco dancing or the new six-million dollar man. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… http://tinyurl.com/6mn363y

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