One of the hardest things about moving to a new country is leaving your old friends behind. These are people you’ve spent a good chunk of your life enjoying, and then suddenly, you’re not seeing them every day. It’s a bit of an adjustment, that’s for sure. But if you have a good group of friends you’re going to be joining in your new home, that can make things way easier.

That’s why it’s so sad that Ricky Rubio doesn’t get to chill with any of his Timberbros. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

He has talked with pal Kevin Love since he’s been here in the U.S., but hasn’t spent time with any other new Timberwolves teammates while he’s been in L.A.

“I would love to talk with all the guys, but I don’t have their number,” he said. “I will soon.”

At least Kevin Love has reached out. That was nice of him. I’m sure his mom told him, “You should call Ricky. He doesn’t know anybody here except for Pau and Marc. You know that Pau’s always busy going to the hospital and Marc’s running around with Zach Randolph all the time. He needs a friend.” Kevin Love has a really good mom.

But seriously, the Timberwolves really should reach out to Ricky Rubio. He can’t spend all his time with Woody Woodpecker. Someone — probably Michael Beasley — should give him a ring and invite him to go see the new “Harold & Kumar” movie or something. Or see if he wants to get a run in at the local gym. Or at least shoot him a text saying “Wassup guy?” Anything really.

Then again, maybe this is some sort of rookie hazing in lieu or making him carry a bunch of bags while wearing a Hello Kitty backpack. You know, make the new guy feel totally uncomfortable in a brand new country where he doesn’t know anyone and should be able to bond with his teammates during a work stoppage that is costing him a bunch of money when he just bought himself out of a multimillion dollar contract. Just a classic NBA prank.