Three shows in three different states over the course of six days — who are we, the Sheepdogs? Total rock stars over here.

But anyway, last night was our Bay Area show and it was excellent. Matt was super narvous going in to the show but things worked out perfectly. Our guests — Dorell Wright of the Golden State Warriors and Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports — were incredible. We’ve been really lucky with guests so far and these guys might have been the best.

We got to Vitus only to find that the marquee hadn’t been properly updated. I took the liberty to fix things.

Looks great. Would have been a huge draw.

Vitus was pretty swanky. So swanky that we even had a wood-paneled lounge where Tas got his leather couch chill on.

#SWAG for sure. Vitus was awesome, the most legit rock n’ roll club we’re going to play, I’m sure. High ceilings, a Hammond B3 and random pieces of a drum kit just hanging out on the stage. Very cool.

But not as cool as our guests, who were very cool. I mean, look at these guys.

Kinda worried Dorell Wright is going to use his plaid shirt to oust me from TBJ and that Marc Spears and I are going to have to start a cool shoes club. Kinda OK with that if it happens. Will keep you posted.

Dorell and Marc were incredible though. Whether it was Joel Anthony zings or Portland Jail Blazers cracks, they were hilarious. You’ll hear it soon and it comes highly recommended from a guy who was on the show. I might be biased, but you can trust the looks on these guys’ faces.

This was probably after I made a joke about Earl Boykins having a foursome with twins and their sister. Just a guess.

Pretty much the only thing that was not ideal about last night was the fact that there was a pinball league going on in the back of Vitus. I didn’t even know pinball leagues existed, but here we are.

But even that was OK, because we got some laughs out of it AND found a nerdier group of people. Double bonus.

Show over, we got to mingling.

Great mingle situation in Oakland, best of the tour so far. You guys really brought your A+ mingle game. Even JD couldn’t help but smile.

Don’t worry — we’ve already sent this picture to the Smithsonian so that it can be preserved forever.

We only hit one post-show snag, and that’s when Marc Spears found a TBJ fan wearing a Clippers jersey and a Celtics hat. He was like, “What?!?!”

I guess he didn’t realize this bro was in costume as the World’s Biggest Ryan Gomes Fan.

To cap off the night, we hit up a chicken and waffles spot that was actually called Home of Chicken and Waffles.

This is where chicken and waffles lives, so you know it was good. If you’ve never eaten chicken and waffles for some dumb reason, do it. You’ll feel terrible but also really happy with yourself for doing so. Totally worth it.

All in all, incredible show and a great hang with a bunch of TBJ fans afterwards. Now we’ve got a day full of shooting something that might make Benny the Bull seem normal. No spoilers. You’ll just have to wait.