Like a ragtag jug band, The Basketball Jones is on the road and coming to your town. It’s No Season Required.

On today’s show, we’re joined by Golden State Warriors’ forward Dorell Wright, and Yahoo! Sports’ columnist Marc Spears to discuss: Why players trust Marc’s reporting, naked Shaq, threesomes, the salacious off-court talents of one Denver Nugget, and whether Dorell’s happy with his NBA 2K12 player rating. All that, plus tiny beers, pinball wizards, and China’s infatuation with “The Cosby Show.”

Next stop: Nov. 14, Los Angeles.

And, hey, don’t forget to listen to our previous shows in Chicago and Portland.

NOTE: It was a rough night for audio recording. We’re well aware that the show starts very loud, but it gets much better around the 10-minute mark. Sorry for the inconvenience. Technology can be a bitch.


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Comments (15)

  1. Get Dorell Wright to be on every episode. Both he and Marc were great to listen to. Easily the best set of guests on the tour so far.

  2. @Err, amen. Great guests. Dorell is a new favorite player of mine.

  3. Agreed. Dorell is awesome.

  4. That was so much fun guys.

  5. man, perfect Joel Anthony zing!

  6. Too bad we missed the first few minutes, but this podcast was really fun to listen to and that definitely made up for it. Both guests were fun and entertaining. Dorell and Marc were both great guest. Dorell seemed like a down to earth cool dude

  7. I hate pinball. Awesome podcast.

  8. Dorell and Marc seem like chill dudes….And imma guess the Nugget story was about Yakhouba Diawara. Great podcast as usual hopefully I will be able to make it when u guys come to LA.

  9. matt totally killed it today ^^ awesome show.. again

  10. Dorell and Mark were great guests, def a couple of cool dudes. Agree with the above, Dorell def gained a fan in me. Really enjoyed it!


  11. By far the best of the three, i’m a Blazers fan and I thought the Portland one was kinda boring. Dorell Wright was surprisingly good, Trey’s Earl Boykins joke was absolutely golden and Matt was on fire as always.

  12. stupid pinball, excellent show.

  13. couple things:

    1. Matt, you are mastering the art of entertaining half filled bars. srsly dude, two towel performance.

    2. Though Matt did an awesome job, I was so moved by JD’s intro, i’m convinced you guys should record the shows, then just have JD narrate everything instead of airing said show. kind of a fireside chat vibe. complete with chimes to signal topic changes, like those old gremlin read-a-long records. yeah?

  14. awesome podcast!!

  15. Dee-reezy = best guest thus far. Ha ha pinball + mic echo + chatter = Chicago Bullshit. Saw Dorell in Goodman/Drew game. Dorell in 2K11 looked stupid he’s right. Damn that guy is super chill.

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