I’m not going to lie to you guys — today’s travel diary is going to be hard to write because I don’t want to spoil the video we shot. That wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t spend the majority of the day running around San Francisco filming it, but that’s exactly what we did. So I guess I’ll just tell you about all the other non-exciting things that happened.

As you can see from up top, we did get to see the “Full House” house, which is OK as long as you don’t think about the fact that you’re really just looking at a house where some non-Tanners live. If you let that creep in to your mind, things get weird. The second you even consider that, the entire experience changes because you can’t not think about how weird it must be for the people inside who just wanted to get a good deal on a house.

And then you start thinking about the people who live in the houses next to the “Full House” house and how they have to deal with a bunch of looky-loos and they’re not even in the famous one and this is how you get caught in limbo in “Inception.” It’s terrible.

Oh, we also saw some more streetcars. Shocker.

Yeah, that’s how exciting yesterday’s non-filming activities were. The most exciting thing we saw was a streetcar, which you see all the time here.

Though I guess if you’re a fan of puns, this was pretty exciting.

This is exactly what I’d name my hot dog shop if I ever had one. Guess I can’t now. Thanks for nothing, San Francisco.

At night we were exhausted from walking up and down these way-too-hilly streets. Plus, thinking about the living next to a famous house conundrum can take a lot out of you, so we just stayed in.  The daily crossword puzzle in the San Francisco Chronicle threw us a bone.

This was the only clue we got right.

It was a chill mode kind of evening. For jokes, Tas and I videochatted even though we are roommates who have the nickname “Scotch and Soda.”

Just two dudes, having a good time.

Sorry if it’s not the most exciting day ever, but you’re going to be thankful when you see this video. It’s better to come in fresh. Not much on the docket for today, but I’m guessing we’ll find something to do.

If not, expect another doozy tomorrow.