This is awesome. Sure, it’s kind of awkward too, since Michael Jordan is one of the guys spearheading a hardline movement against the NBA’s players — and because it’s an adidas guy being soundtracked by copy from a Nike commercial — but it’s still 92 percent awesome. That’s what really counts.

(via Nice Kicks)

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  1. That was ridiculous. Moar!

  2. Awesome vid! I could’ve done without the audio of him saying why can’t i win MVP and the clip at the very end. Didn’t feel like it fit in. Awesome vid though

  3. too many clips of hawks getting worked. dislike

  4. bump……………

  5. good video. i have to say, derrick rose seems like a great guy. i prefer a player who wonder why he can’t be the mvp and then work towards that end (and actually accomplish it) than a player wondering why anyone cares if he’s at practice.

  6. derrick rose would be 10x more entertaining if he didn’t try to draw a foul on every play

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