If you thought yesterday’s recap was less than thrilling, just wait for today’s. I’m not joking when I say the most noteworthy thing we saw was this Ludacris truck.

But that’s the nature of the international podcasting tour beast. Some days you’re asking a bunch of NBA guys who the biggest hipster in the league is, the next you’re spending an hour trying to catch a cab in the Tenderloin district. C’est la vie.

Even though yesterday wasn’t the most exciting day in the history of the No Season Required tour, it was still enjoyable. Tas flew to Vancouver, the rest of us worked on a bunch of things, I went on HoopSpeak (kind of) Live, Skeets bought a shirt and the two of us played hoops with a bunch of very nice Bleacher Report guys after stopping by their offices.

It won’t surprise you to hear they are all incredible at defensive slides. Hiyo.

So the Bay Area is done, and it was a success. We had a great live show, we met a lot of awesome people and we shot a hilarious video that’s going to be available in not too long and will make you laugh so many times. Plus, we didn’t get stabbed it all, which actually feels like an accomplishment.

Now we’re heading to Los Angeles, which means I should probably pack my suitcase. I’m going to go do that while you TBJers out there give us some suggestions on what to do in El Lay. The more taco trucks, the better.