It’s a well-known fact that Portland is full of hipsters. So, with that in the mind, The Jones decided to crash LaMarcus Aldridge’s “Rip City Basketball Classic” to help settle the debate: “Who is the NBA’s biggest hipster?”

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  1. james harden is clearly too hip to brush his teeth.

  2. Somewhere right now, Baron Davis is crying.

  3. No votes for Melo or Amare? Or are they not hipsters, just metro?

  4. Making those NBA Players laugh in such tough economic times.

    Thanks to the Jones!

  5. niiiiiice hipster joke at the end there ^^

  6. Can you guys please upload a whole video of of tas and wesley? Haha ;)

  7. yeah,solid joke at the end. also, props to harden’s teeth. don’t be playin’ ’bout other people’s teeth, gands. that’s cold as ice, man

  8. Aldridge charity and he wasn’t there? The fuck? You’re lucky to see those other guys, I saw Wall/Durant/Harden/etc in the Drew-Goodman game last month. I miss tax-free Portland

  9. I think i have different understanding of what hipster means lol, because i would have said dwyane wade without hesitation.

  10. Steve. Nash.

    How no one said him is beyond me.

  11. That was so fun, keep up the good work guys !

  12. I really enjoyed that. I probably agreed with Josh Howard the most. HIS teeth are cray.
    Bill Walton: O(riginal)H(ipster).

  13. Get Stern out of the NBA and end the lockout!

    Support the cause…

  14. Nice!

    For three minutes there I almost forgot that the lockout is still going on.

  15. Hey Jimmy Naismith, you forget David Stern works for the owners. Also, David has enough pull to reason with the new owners that want to lock the players out. If Silver was leading the negotiations I bet the players would be even less happy with the deals.

  16. Yeah I have to agree. Walton was a pretty genius answer.

  17. And I think Durant has hipster and redneck confused.

  18. The Portland fan was right — it’s Channing Frye.

  19. For those of you who are confused with KD’s pick of Chris Andersen, I would suggest that KD was merely being hipster himself, what with picking someone totally obscure that no one else would’ve picked. META.

  20. Baron Davis and it is even a contest.

  21. Kevin Durant is super smart.

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