Hey, we finally did something exciting on this trip again. Who’s livin’ de life?

Upon our arrival to Los Angeles, we almost immediately hit the streets to go to the (possible) home of the French dip sandwich, Phillipe the Original. Or maybe just Phillipe. Or Phillipe’s. Kind of unclear, but if you’re really worried about it, I’m sure a quick Google search will give you the absolute right answer.

Got our sandwich on, with each of us getting some sort of French dip and coming away thinking, “That was a good French dip sandwich but also still just a French dip sandwich.” If you’re really in to French dips — and/or taking pictures in phone booths — then this is for you. If not, skip it.

On our way home, we stopped for some sweets at a churro spot with a pretty great name.

These guys loved it.

Just a couple of Canadians getting their Mexican dulces on.

After that, we went in to chill mode for a bit. We all relaxed, I eventually met up with friend of the blog Jeff Weiss and then hit up a concert. Saw some Sheepdogs.

Saw some Black Joe Lewis.

Saw some Paul Shirley.

You know, just a normal night of hanging out with a former NBA player and the lead singer of a band that’s been on the cover of Rolling Stone. This ain’t no disco. Ain’t no country club either. This is LA.

Another off day today because we’re treating ourselves. Any suggestions are welcome. Love y’all.

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  1. Great show tonight going on at the El Rey. Experimental rock group, Boris, will be throwing down…check it out!! Also recommend grabbing eats/drinks at Wurstkuche if you’re into awesome German food and beer.

  2. Hey where is Tas Melas?

  3. Quick trip to Whistler, BC, Canada for a good friend’s wedding. Typing this as I await to board my flight to LA.

  4. Quite the life the TBJ crew lead. Keep it up fellas, but seriously, what’s with all the plaid?!! Maybe your next hire should be a fashion coordinator!!

  5. Love all the plaid shirts! Funny.

  6. Paul Shirley is a fucking douche! Gonna check out Senor Fish. And Mr. Churro too

  7. Correction: Paul Shirley is the fucking MAN! Met him at FYF Fest this past year and he couldn’t have been more friendly/appreciative to my me and my friend. He asked us for recommendations on which bands to see to which we enthusiastically responded.

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