Tas is back, you guys. Tas. Is. Back!

Finally, after three days of visiting the Couv, my roomie is back. Scotch & Soda, reunited and it feels so good.

Unfortunately for Tas, he missed some pretty good stuff. Like, for instance, the best burritos on Earth at SeƱor Fish.

Matt and JD loved it.

He also missed out on a guy walking around our hotel with a samurai sword, for some reason.

And some businessmen meeting by chance at a hotel bar to watch an MMA fight that lasted for all of a minute.

Matt and JD loved it.

He even missed out on a delicious meal of Japanese food at Honda-Ya Izakaya. I don’t have pictures of that event, but rest assured that Matt and JD loved it.

Tas missed a lot, but it’s good to have him back. TBJ at full strength is a whole different beast. Now we’ve got our puns and accents guy, so watch out LA. We’re back.