I don’t want to editorialize too much about this odd decision by the NBA Players Association to stage this jokey home page on their website making light of the strong likelihood that we won’t have an NBA season, but you can see my somewhat less diplomatic reactions on Twitter if that kind of thing interests you. Mostly, I’m interested to know if the diehard NBA fans that enjoy a good laugh and make up The Basketball Jones audience can see the humor in this sort of frivolity. Too soon?

(It’s entirely possible their website was hacked. For their sake, I hope it was. Yeesh.)


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  1. It made me smile. Must be the Internet geek in me.

  2. Is this post’s title a play off one of Patton Oswalt’s jokes? The fat rat one with the century-old mischief god?

  3. I don’t know, it didn’t really bother me. I was fairly resigned to this season being destroyed early though, and I don’t really blame the players for today’s move.

  4. finley: That’s right. It says something about the TBJ audience that it only took until the second comment for somebody to get the reference.

  5. I was cool with it.

  6. I feel I accomplished something today.

  7. What idiots. They will regret today’s decision.

  8. Rob: So it’s not only a bad, poorly-timed joke, it’s ripped off.

  9. Ripped off, yes. But, I didn’t find it offensive at all (and while not hilarious, I did smirk a bit when I saw it). Obviously, as someone taking the time to comment here, I’m upset that there may not be a season, but I don’t think theres any need for the players to take a solemn, super-serious tone. Personally, I don’t find a labor dispute to be the sort of thing where one can make frivolous comments “too soon.” Even as a former employee of an NBA team who has friends either out of work or struggling to make ends meet because of the lockout, I can’t find it in me to get worked up over something silly like this.

  10. i approve of this. it’s only basketball. let’s have some fun. play ball!

  11. Good for the players, they were getting screwed if they accepted. I’d rather see no season than the players getting r**** by the owners.

    I highly approve their idea of another league. I’m pretty damn sure it would work just fine and maybe, just maybe, the owners will realize they’re not nearly as important as the players in the league and that 50-50 makes absolutely no fucking sense at all.

    Rant over. I hate the owners and David Stern (whom I used to respect).

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