One last off day for the TBJ crew before a return to live shows. It was a doozy. Lots of good stuff moving and shaking for a bunch of movers and shakers.

It started off, as most great days do, with a Japanese food festival in the lobby of our hotel.

Everything about that picture, TBJers. Literally everything is perfect. It will be prominently displayed in my new Asian fusion pizza joint, Miso Hungie.

After this perfect picture was snapped, we journeyed up an incredibly steep hill to Kevin Arnovitz’s mountaintop fortress to join the cabal of LA basketbros you see at the top. His house has an OK view.

Not bad, I guess, if you’re in to that sort of thing. I definitely see the appeal.

Over literally the best grits anyone on Earth has ever tasted, all of us hashed out the lockout and figured out that whole mess. You’re welcome.

As you can see, negotiations were friendly. Everything has been settled and we’re going to have a season. All it took was a little home cooking and some mimosas. It’s that easy.

Post-brunch — which is both a timeframe and a new musical genre devoted to nostalgic reimaginings of your favorite childhood breakfast foods — we went in to chill mode for a bit before hitting up ASSSSCAT at UCB Los Angeles, which just so happens to be across the street from a Scientology center.

Don’t worry, all clear.

Whilst waiting in line, Matt conjured up a Bundaberg — a ginger beer from Australia that even full-on Australian Leigh had never heard of — which is only notable because Matt had mentioned it off-hand earlier in the trip. Apparently Los Angeles is “Sphere,” where all your thoughts become reality. Proof.

And we got pizza because we’re smart.

Too many veggies, but still.

UCB was awesome and hilarious and duh, but it’s good to have a show again. Hopefully we’ll see you tonight at Lot 1. If not, just listen tomorrow. It’ll be just like you’re there, only not cramped and sweaty.