Upon arriving in San Francisco, The Jones decided to do what every group of five dudes does when they get to the City by the Bay: Attempt a shot-for-shot remake of the “Full House” intro.

Scratch one thing from the Bucket List, Mr. Bear!

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  1. Brilliant! Love the Osten twins…

  2. Well done guys. The only thing missing is you guys driving a convertible with the roof open on the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. There are a lot of creeps on the Internet counting down the days until those Osten twins are legal.

  4. i hear one of the osten twins is strung out

  5. Why? The Score sucks now. It used to be a sports station. Bring back Tim, Sid and Cabbie, You guys are a JOKE….a bad joke.

  6. Yeah, I’m with Gus, you guys should totally be talking about the NBA season that is in full swing right now instead of doing silly videos. Jerks.

  7. Go soak your head, Gus. That was great.

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? “that was great”
    IF there is no season then these guys do this???? GUS is 100% right.
    Wow the Score does SUCK!
    stupid video, cant believe you guys waste your money on this crap.

  9. Gus! Cut. It. Out.

  10. gold lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Haha the Osten twins, priceless.

    Easy Solution: If you do not like the content of the TBJ blog, do not read, watch or listen. There are tons of us loyal fans that enjoy all of their goofiness plus basketball insight and your negative comments ruin our entertainment. Instead of wasting your time leaving negative comments, why don’t you start your own basketball blog and see if you can become as successful as these gentleman have.

  12. You guys really need to get back to analyzing those games Gus didn’t catch last night. I visit the score’s NBA page regularly because I check this blog (with balls) daily. Stop hating on the Score and take your business elsewhere. Taters gonna tate.

  13. Wow. I really appreciate the accuracy.

  14. you guys are idiots who obviously are not sports fans. that video has nothing to do with sports or humour. but defend it anyways losers.

  15. Hmm. U mad Robert?

  16. YUP. the Score used to be cool. Im mad they spend money on junk MTL DAVID. The solution of not watching is great. Take the shit off the station and get back to sports. How simple is that?? Glorified Bloggers are garbage.

  17. I hadn’t even heard of The Score nor had I been visiting their website until this off-season. I was made a believer and supporter even without the NBA season going on because of stuff like this!

    Gus must have missed out on a couple things during his childhood.


  18. hahahahaha! Loved it!! JD kinda scares me with does crazy eyes of his!

  19. Two Ostens = Two towel performance

    Hilarious vid guys, keep ‘em coming

  20. Guys, just ignore the haters.

    You’re smart and hilarious!

    Love your blog and your videos. Keep it up!

  21. Osten killed it!

  22. Funny. F’in. Stuff!

    Keep it up.

  23. Damn most trolls I’ve seen since you guys were on BDL. Philippe’s is overprices, but it’s solid if you’re craving a good french dip or socialize. Can’t find anyone to go to LA with, have fun w/o me! =/

  24. Great video guys!!!

    To Robert: We are not idiots just because we enjoy humor, pop culture and sports all mashed into one. I get that your used to the old fashion 100% sports but that score had to change its busness model to compete with the TSN’s and Sportsnet. If you have not noticed everything the score creates Cabbie on the street, OUA and CIS sports coverage, March Madness all get taken away from the score because they cant afford to compete with there conglomerates. But the score is still awesome because they are able to find treasures like Skeets, Tas, Osten, JD, Kerby ect. You cant blame us for liking it or the score for trying to compete with new and creative ideas.

    Sidenote: suck it! Basketball Jones is awesome

  25. wow. The Score used to mix sport and humour. other than a soccer ball this stupid video has zero to do with sports. The problem lies in the fact that the score paid for it to be made and these tools acutally filmed in sf.
    cabbie actually was funny and talked to ATHLETES! the basketball jones will be working at starbucks if they are lucky when the score is shut down, because they spend all their money on garbage.
    sidenote: basketball jones are terrible.

  26. sidenote, you are all still idiots. and I bet its the basketball jones defending themselves on here.

  27. who the F is Kerby? Are you serious hahaha wtf

  28. Robert, how is it your problem how the Score decides to spend money? Stop being a troll. Only a troll would keep coming back to a video he claims to hate so he can keep responding to the people who truly appreciate what The Basketball Jones are doing for all of us pro-basketball fans who desperately need something to fill the void caused by the lock-out. You just sound bitter and jealous.

  29. @Robert

    Do you realise how stupid you sound?
    I really hope you’re trolling.
    As it is the lockout, there isn’t much basketball to talk about, so these guys try to keep it amusing, because the news or Larry Hughes wanting back in the NBA just don’t cut it.
    Also, had you paid closer attention, you’d have heard of their tour podcasts which has only basketball-related guests (eg : NBA player Dorrell Wright, Bulls commentator Whatshisname, Bulls former player Bill Wennington, etc.).

    Before criticizing the Jones, check back when basketball is back.

    Also : get bent.

  30. @Robert

    here’s some cabbie for you:


  31. I for one am embarrassed and saddened by this drastic departure from the Jones’ usual sober and reasoned take on the basketball world.

  32. Guys, don’t talk to him, please.

  33. WASTE. OF. TIME.
    You losers are can use words like ‘troll’ or whatever, bottom line…this IS NOT sports. ITS junk and its killing what used to be a good station.
    Nobody can argue that point. They lose Tim and Sid and you are defending a Full House intro?! Are you kidding me?! Wow. About time a real sports fan stood up and said something. If there is no basketball, the Jones should not be taping anything unless they can do something that somewhat has a sports angle. Otherwise its just JUNK. NOBODY can argue that.

  34. ….and yeah…dont talk to me….its upsetting Markus.

  35. GUS remains right

  36. Yeah, I hate feeding the troll, but not doing anything for a year of lockout is a great way to lose your job. TBJ isn’t a sports show, it’s a “basketball and goof” show. No basketball to talk about, well, let’s just goof off… Really sorry you never ever had fun in you life, ever.

  37. Wow, the trolls are especially hungry today!

  38. hahah robert you are the biggest pussy ever.

  39. Good arguement TurbO im sure with a name like that your are SUPER tough.
    Trolls is a loser word too.
    None of you can argue this is sports content. Its garbage bad funny or die content at best.
    Waste of money and time.
    Which is the entire arguement…the reason the Score sucks now is cuz of blog geeks like you all.
    You defend without reason.
    Use whatever words you want. Truth is GARBAGE CONTENT. NO SPORTS.
    and yes….VERY GOOOOOOFY. Nobody said Goofy is good.
    oh, and did I mention you use the name “TURBO” and call people a pussy. Hilarious. Loser.

  40. argument? i called you a pussy. thats not an argument.

  41. Guys, guys stop taunting Robert. After all the surgery he barely has enough brainpower left to turn on the turn computer, let alone navigate the wonders of the internet.
    I for one am very proud of what Robert has done here today.

  42. This is nothing short of amazing.

  43. Well, looks like it’s time for a login on these boards. I knew some turd with a massive epeen would ruin it eventually.

    Thanks for making me laugh guys. It’s a sad day for us NBA fans, and before watching this I was feeling wicked depressed. Respect

  44. wow… i love you guys

  45. (Just where’s the “denounce abuse” button when you really nead it?)

  46. Glad I could start this shitty looking week off with some hilarity, awesome job guys.

  47. Damn.. take a step back and imagine what you look like furiously typing and arguing with people on a blog that you hate yet keep coming back to.

    C’mon son…

    Also picture that stupid smug look that you probably have on because you think you “won” an internet argument and put everyone in their place. Tell me you don’t feel retarded right now.

  48. “robert” is tas’ fake name on google+

    ps yep. trollin. works ev’ry time!

  49. The band Sherwood did this a couple year ago. But this was gold, Jerry. GOLD!

    Who gives a crap if it’s sports or not, it’s a BLOG. Sports blog, sure, but the whole premise of a blog is informality.

    Plus, I think we can all agree that sports have let us down today. We needed that laugh. Well timed.

    NBA RIP. sadface.

  50. It gets funnier every time I watch it. Just amazing

  51. I really needed this video to cheer me up with the NBA/Community both getting cancelled….

  52. It’s even funnier if you watch the “real” fullhouse intro as well…..well done gentlemen…tas as stamos, naturally!! Did anyone realize Tas used a Cut It Out during the Eurobasket podcasts?!! You guys are true fans!

  53. I just watched it for a second time. Yup, still awesome

  54. Holy shit you guys are good. Where did you find that Mattyo look-a-like? Amazing!

  55. @DonDon community isn’t cancelled, just pushed it off from the Spring season to make room for 30 Rock and Up All Night. Most likely it’ll come back eventually

    But yes, thank you for this video, greatest pick me up ever

  56. That is damn good stuff…

  57. i said it before, and i’ll say it again – absolutely epic.

  58. Robert, you should feel honored that TBJ mentioned you at the LA tour stop tonight.

  59. I could watch this all day!

  60. The Osten Twins part had me rolling! Can’t wait for the OKC show!

  61. this is a great video. Robert needs a date. Some buddy in his life.

  62. Gus and Robert need to chill… no one cares if you hate things. You’re wasting your own time.. and now you wasted a minute of my time. Don’t visit sites you hate…
    Go and do something you like… go horse around in the showers or something…

  63. Anyone else think the guy on the trolley that didn’t get off was JD?

  64. I would like to meet Robert IRL. Seems like a really chill bro.

  65. @Ryan: You wound me, sir.

  66. You guys should stick to basketball and/or comedy.

  67. Shit! I haven’t been following the site with no season. I would have been to the san fran stop in a heartbeat.

  68. WOW! Classic!! LOL at Osten Twins :D

  69. Gold, well done boys!

  70. Great Post here, Quality for sure

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