We’ve had a rental van the entire time we’ve been in Los Angeles — because we’re in Los Angeles where you need a vehicle to exist — and our sweet Sienna has SiriusXM, which means we’ve been listening to a lot of 80s on 8. Just last night we heard “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, which contains the famous line, “I’ve seen a million faces and I’ve rocked them all.”

And really, I feel like TBJ is exactly like that, except for way less than a million faces.

But let’s rewind to before the show, where we did something totally bananas for a group of dudes.

That’s right. We went to the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Baldwin.

It was very weird because everything is incredibly realistic, only you look up and there is no ceiling or the stairs you’re walking on lead to nowhere. This all makes finding a bathroom very confusing, not to mention it is a strange feeling when you see a bunch of doctors who aren’t really doctors napping in a fake hospital lobby. It’s incredibly bizarre.

However, there’s one easy way to know if you’re on a television set or in real life — look and see if there’s a Calvin Booth jersey, because no real person would have one of those.

That was our totem.

And that wasn’t all the Sonics stuff we found in the fake bar we were in.

So not only was the set fake, it was also 2007. Dance to the time warp again.

After we left the studio, we got our fangers in some Langer’s.

“Highly recommended.” — your Yelp app

Then it was show prep time, which meant figuring out what kind of questions we were going to ask our guests, Joe Mande and Paul Shirley. We settled on asking them questions about jokes, which ended up working out OK. Just ask these guys, who are all clearly thrilled to be there.

Looks like these humans are watching a dubstep performance, which is actually what we opened with.

Just kidding. That’s just JD setting up our live sound. Totally gotcha.

Also gotcha about people not enjoying it because they did. Proof.

Look at those smiles. Beautiful.

I think it’s safe to say the West Coast portion of our trip has been a success. Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles have been a ton of fun, our guests have been great and our fans have been awesome. (Chicago was too, duh, but I am biased because of knowing everyone there.) What else can you ask for from an international podcast tour?

Tomorrow, we’re off to Oklahoma City. Not sure what we’re going to do there, but we’ll be there. Hope to see you soon.

Comments (13)

  1. Damn, you went to Langers? You guys were right near me!

  2. I want all that Sonics swag! So much.

  3. Still can’t believe you guys are hitting OKC and not Denver. Alas…

  4. I remember our marketing department sending that swag for the set long before anybody knew what Grey’s Anatomy was. Amazing we were able to part with the Calvin Booth jersey.

  5. @ Greg.

    For real. OKC sucks. Denver rocks.

  6. cant wait for the Boston show!

  7. I’m adding “get a Japanese haircut” to my bucket list.

  8. I think Japanese Haircut is playing Coachella next year.

  9. You guys are idiots who obviously are not sports fans. I can’t believe you wasted The Score’s money this way. This has nothing to do with basketball or humour. Glorified Bloggers are garbage.

    You’ve just been Roberted.

  10. To Jeff,

    Give us a basketball season and maybe they can talk about the league again.

  11. Uhh, sorry, I love you guys but really, Paul Shirley? Did you read his letter to Haiti after the earthquake? He’s a miserable human being.

  12. Matte-O needed be played by PATTON OSWALT.

    That is all.

  13. To Hit it Steve,

    It was a joke. There was this guy named Robert who was …. oh never mind, it’s not important. Just know that I didn’t really mean what I was saying.

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